Pluscom Serial ATA SATA PCI Adapter card


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Pluscom Serial ATA SATA PCI Adapter Card



It allows you to connect one External SATA Hard Drive or SATA Caddy, DVD Rom, Two Internal SATA HDD, and one Internal IDE 133 Hard drive (Ultra DMA) simultaneously to your computer.
A High Performance Chipset VIA VT6421A SATA & ATA AND UDMA IDE PCI Expansion Card.
It breaks the 137GB barrier! & Supports various brands of large capacity Serial ATA hard disk drives.

Compatible: With Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP VISTA Window 7 (32 bit).

This Standard Profile Bracket combo Card lets you run serial ATA drives and / ultra ATA 133 drives in a single system simultaneously.

XBOX: For Flashing Xbox 360 hard drive you need Dos Bootable VIA VT6421A. Not all VIA VT6421A can Flash Xbox HDD.

• Ideal for Flashing Hard Drives.
• Chipset: VIA 6421A.
• Compliant with Serial ATA specification revision 1.0.
• Compliant with PCI specification revision 2.2.
• Compliant with PCI Bus Power Management Specification revision 1.1.
• Interface: 1 Sata external, 2 SATA Internal and 1 Ultra UDMA ATA Port.
• Slot type: 32-bit PCI slot.
• Provides three independent channels to connect up to three Serial ATA hard disk devices.
• Provide one Ultra DMA to connect IDE Ultra DMA Hard drive.
• Support Serial ATA data transfers rate up to 1.5Gbps (150MB/s per channel).
• Supports RAID Level 0/RAID Level 1/JBOD.
• Support Serial ATA data transfers rate up to 1.5Gbps.
• Built-in 256 byte FIFO per Serial ATA port for fast read/write operations.
• Supports 32bit wide PCI Bus at 66MHz.
• Lower pin count and voltage requirement, plus better cabling over traditional Ultra ATA make.
• Serial ATA the controller of the feature.

• 1 x Sata connectors Externally.
• 2 x SATA connectors Internally.
• 1 x UDMA/133 internal IDE connector.

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