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Nedis Smartphone Cooler Gamepad


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Nedis Smartphone Cooler Gamepad


Nedis Smartphone Cooler Gamepad

Long gone are the days of Snake, Tetris, and Pac-Man. Nowadays your smartphone is a full-featured console. With today’s powerful hardware you’re able to play highly detailed first-person shooters or other games on your smartphone. Though all this power comes with a lot of heat being generated.

That’s where this smartphone gamepad comes in handy. It cools down your smartphone while you’re playing so you can go on for longer. Besides cooling, the gamepad also gives you better grip and control so you’ll become undefeatable.

Gotten tired of playing games? Use the kickstand to relax and watch your favourite movies or series on your smartphone.

The gamepad is suitable for smartphones up to 6.5” so even your big flagship phone will fit.


Smartphone gamepad, play your best game with improved grip.
Built-in cooling system, keep your phone cool and game on.
Kick back and enjoy your favourite movies or series with the kickstand.
Fits smartphones from 4” up to 6.5”.


• Gamepad for smartphone – with built-in cooler and heat dissipation • Kickstand – for movie viewing • Suitable for smartphones with screen ranges of 4 – 6.5”