Electrician Desoldering Pump Remover Suction


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Electrician Desoldering Pump


Electrician Desoldering Pump Black

Product Specifications: 

Color: black
Material: aluminum
Length: 190mm
Item weight: 50g
Maximum suction: 1000(cm-Hg)
Quantity: 1pcs

* Good quality material: Made of aluminum, which is nontoxic, odourless and rust proof, durable for use.
* Design: All metal construction is ideal for heavy use, such as, production re-work and repair.
* Effective: Safe, low cost, durable plastic components.
* Compact and lightweight: Easy one-handed operation and it is convenient to carry and use.

1) Put the tin suctioned piston downward pressure to get stuck.
2) Heating solder joints to solder melting with electric soldering iron.
3) Remove the iron and immediately put the tin suctioned resistance paste solder, solder sucker and press the button.
4) Can be repeated if necessary.


Using Tips:
1) Please ensure the plunger comes with good leakproofness. You could use fingers to plug up the hole of solder sucker head, solder and press the button, if the plunger is not easy to be pop up, that the leakproofness is good.
2) The diam of head of desoldering pump may be different, please chose the suitable one.
3) Dipped in a little bit of rosin before reaching welding spot to improve fluidity.









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